2021-03-28 16:27:26

Our company successfully developed an exothermic welding electronic igniter

The exothermic welding electronic starter independently developed by Jinhua Sunho New Material Co., Ltd. uses four 4480 mA lithium batteries built in the starter as the power source, and outputs a large current through the circuit control in 1.5S time to make the resistor (ignition head) Produce at least 1100 °C high-temperature heat to ignite the exothermic solder powder; the biggest advantage of this product is that it does not need to use the ignition powder, and it is not necessary to use the igniter to ignite the ignition powder at a close distance, which can completely avoid the ignition of the ignition powder and the welding powder. The risk of accidental burns.


1. Non-professionals should not disassemble the equipment to avoid the danger of spontaneous combustion or explosion of the lithium battery.

2. To prevent the service life of the equipment from being affected, do not expose the product to rain or humid air.

3. When the power is lower than 40%, it needs to be charged in time to ensure the good performance of the equipment.

4. Do not use the charger other than the charging parameters to avoid damage to the equipment and personal safety accidents.

5, heating during the charging process, at normal room temperature, the fever does not exceed 40 degrees is a normal phenomenon.

6. This product has built-in overshoot protection, but it is still recommended to unplug the charging plug when it is fully charged.

7. When the starter is not used for a long time, the equipment should be fully charged and placed in a dry and cool place for storage.

Our company successfully developed an exothermic welding electronic igniter