2021-03-28 16:26:55

Exothermic welding applications and advantages

Exothermic welding is a new type of welding material, which can avoid the disadvantages of welding slag, easy oxidation, low joint strength, easy corrosion, small contact area and large contact resistance in conventional welding such as electric welding and brazing. Let's take a look at the advantages of lower heat extraction.

Characteristics and advantages of exothermic welding:

(1) The current interception flow at the welding point is equal to the wire;

(2) The solder joint is permanent and will not cause high resistance due to looseness or corrosion;

(3) The solder joint is like copper, but is tougher than copper itself and is not affected by corrosive products;

(4) The solder joint can withstand repeated large surge (fault) currents without degradation;

(5) The welding operation method is simple and easy to use;

(6) The equipment is light and convenient to carry;

(7) When welding, no external power source or heat source is required;

(8) The quality of the weld can be checked from the appearance; it can be used for welding copper, copper alloy, copper-plated steel, various alloy steels including stainless steel and high-resistance heating heat source materials.

The above is the advantage of exothermic soldering materials, which are widely used in welding work in various industries.