2021-03-28 16:26:46

State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power completed the pilot project for the integration of the “National Network Cloud” platform in 2017

On December 10th, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company completed the cloud test operation of the asset life-cycle system micro-service transformation, the cloud operation of the intranet mobile interconnection platform micro-service transformation, the cloud operating system and the integration of the big data platform and the whole business center. Work, realized the unified management and scheduling of the “National Network Cloud” resources, and successfully completed the pilot project of the integration of the “National Network Cloud” platform in 2017.

As the pilot unit of the State Grid Corporation's cloud resource management platform, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power attaches great importance to the construction of cloud resource management platform and establishes a project management system of “unified management and control, synergistic efficiency, clear responsibilities, and process standards”. During the project promotion process, the project team at the headquarters was actively communicated with various problems in the actual work, and the overall construction progress has been maintained at the forefront of the State Grid Corporation.

Up to now, the State Grid Shaanxi Power Integration “National Network Cloud” platform has deployed core components such as cloud operating system 2.0, cloud service center and distributed service bus, with 6 control node servers, 1 monitoring node server, and storage computing. There are 8 node servers, 47 large data platforms and 69 full-service central servers. The construction scale has reached the headquarters construction requirements and meets the needs of the State Grid Shaanxi power business. On this basis, the system of asset life, intranet mobile interconnection platform and other systems through the cloud platform to establish 66 virtual machines, container clusters, to achieve the effective application of "national network cloud."

In addition, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. also participated in the compilation of documents such as “Integrated National Network Cloud Platform Application Building Component Technical Specification”, “Asset Life Cycle Project Cloud Operating System V2.0 Deployment Manual”, and actively supported “State Network Cloud”. "Platform construction work.

In the next step, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power will continue to deploy, upgrade and integrate other core components of the State Grid in 2018; promote more business systems to migrate to the cloud through micro-service transformation and form a typical experience report on the system. Actively explore the operation and maintenance ideas of the cloud platform under the new technology, refine the responsibilities process on the basis of the original adjustment and inspection, and enhance the overall business support capability, in order to improve the grid technology level, data mining and analysis capabilities, intelligent analysis and decision-making capabilities, and build "One strong three excellent" modern company laid a solid foundation.